Your Money, Let’s Talk!

Welcome to a new offering from NEIRG, grab & go style podcasts! Covering the here and now in the market. Stocks, funds and how the post pandemic shifting economy affects you and your money.

Nick Giacoumakis, IAR, CEPA, CVGA

Money Philosophy, Common Questions from Clients, Tax Proposals and Potential Impact on Charitable Organizations.

Brian Pirri, CFP®

Money Philosophy, Thoughts on Labor Shortage, Supply Chain Issues & What would be the ripple effect on the market if the top 1% pull out?

John Foley, CFP®

Cryptocurrencies Explained – Breaking down the basics of Bitcoin & Ethereum, What it means to you as an investor & where it fits in to our economy?

Glenn DiBenedetto, CPA

Potential Impacts of Biden’s Proposed Tax Policies on the High Net Worth, Maximizing Tax Brackets to lower lifetime taxes.

Chris Wilde, CFA

Lumber Inflation, What is Really Going On? Post-pandemic economic stress, impact on everyday consumer and the industries most affected.

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